Jobsite Quality Control

Posted: 04/29/2021

Jobsite Quality Control Overview
The Jobsite Quality Control (QC) position is managed under the manager of Quality Control as an extension of the Quality Control Team. The main role of APC’s Jobsite QC position is to check APC product condition upon arriving to the jobsite. This position is responsible for making documentation on any scratches, chips, discolorations, or abnormalities that may have happened during shipping or prior to leaving the factory. This position is to provide photo documentation of each panel upon arriving and after product is erected. When individual is not at a jobsite, it is their duty to report to the factory to work under Quality Control Team. Responsibilities The Jobsite Quality Control position is responsible for the following actions: • Documenting panel quality upon arriving to the jobsite by taking pictures of all four angles while panel is on trailer; documenting on paperwork any scratches, chips, or discolorations that will need to be addressed later. • Checking in drivers (via ORCA barcode scanning) upon arriving to the jobsite and checking out drivers (via ORCA barcode scanning) when panel is unloaded. • Assisting drivers with backing in to jobsite location. • Communicating overall jobsite flow to APC’s Shipping Coordinator, APC’s Project Manager, and APC’s QC Manager. This Position Is For You If: • You enjoy working outside on construction sites. • You are organized and enjoy various forms of documentation. • You have excellent communication skills and are good with technology. • You are okay with staying overnight at jobsites when needed at times. • You are dependable and work well as a team. Position Requirements: • Valid drivers license